here I am gottapu victor paul. I don't know anything about what I am doing now but I want to share my life experience.  I born on 1989 may 02. in vizag city. after one year my dad gottapu benjiman paul late . he worked in APSFC as he was transfer to Vizianagaram. we came here on 1990 . well I have 2 sisters and mother we r five .we are happy family too.

I study in small school which is near by my home .As vizag is my home town we use to go on weekends and we send time in grand mom home . when I was growing I lost my father in an accident on 1998 jan 11 . the tragedy was started as mom and dad loves each other  . mother become sick by thinking about mom and dad memories and mom got dad job in APSFC . my sisters are elder then me we three always have lot of fun love fight angry . As our mindsets are one  we never down our heads in front of anyone . days are going as we r kids we thought about any problems. my elder sister married her loved one . she was happy with her life  . and my second sister and me are there in home . my 2nd sister completed here +2 and she entered in degree . Am at 9th class  then our life changed by one gods hit . on 2004 sep I am mom was sick  due to general weakness she was admit in hospital for 3 days doctor said she will be fine in few days .

  • to be continue in next part...…..

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